Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random stuff

It's one of those posts again.

MAGFest is right around the corner. And just in time, ScrewAttack announced that Angry Video Game Nerd DVD volume 3 is out. I'll probably pick it up there.

I haven't been playing Guitar Hero much lately, but I did finally FC Lay Down in GH3. After that I fired up GH:SH to repeat that only to realize how much I hate the chart in Smash Hits.

I haven't mentioned Guild Wars in a while, let's see... Oh yeah, I now have a level 20 Assassin and a level 20 Paragon. The only class I haven't gotten to level 20 now is Ritualist.

I've decided that enough was enough and I'm marathonning my anime backlog. I started with Grenadier. Yeah, it's the series I have tagged "spare bullets kept in cleavage" on MyAnimeList, but it has an actual plot and story to go with the fanservice and "innovative" fighting style. It kinda feels like there's more to it, but all we get to see is a quick 12 episode plot.

Which reminds me, the Negima! Magic World OAV is progressing at way too slow of a pace to actually get more than a little bit into the arc. I really wonder what they're thinking by making random short OAVs instead of full seasons. While I like Negima! a lot, these short OAVs just plain suck. They're just not long enough to cover any of the truly awesome stuff.

I really want to set up ArchLinux in a more desktop-oriented configuration. I'm trying to do so using VirtualBox, but it just isn't cooperating with me. ArchLinux installs just fine. So I reboot into the new install, update pacman, install powerpill (a frontend for pacman that accelerates package downloads), then run powerpill -Syu to update my base install just like normal. Then I reboot and VirtualBox crashes during the boot process. Every time. It's definitely a VirtualBox issue and not an ArchLinux issue, as my server boots and reboots without issue.

I've broken down and started work on the web-based wallpaper system I've had in mind for a while. By "started work on" I mean "am designing the database for". I'm torn about how to implement some features, but I suspect it'll all work out once I get going on the code. This largely warrants a post all to itself, which won't happen until after MAGFest.

I've been experimenting with making bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast burritos and I think I'm near the best recipe. I'll post about it once I've got making them down to a science, but the research has been delicious thus far. My goal is to make them big enough that they're satisfying, yet small enough that you can eat them alongside the rest of your breakfast. The major barrier right now is finding tortillas that won't tear when I roll the thing up.

Ending this randomness now. My next post will hopefully be another Classic DOS Game post.