Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pop-Tarts shirts? Really?

So Pop-Tarts has a promotion where you can get a Pop-Tarts T-shirt in one of three designs. The interesting part is that you can make your own custom design. I wanted to see just what this entailed, so I went to their site and played around with the shirt designer thing they have.

I was hoping I could make a shirt that said "Toaster Strudels Suck" or "I ate a lot of Pop-Tarts and all I got was this lousy T-shirt", but they have a fairly restricted editor for you to work with.

You have one of 5 Pop-Tarts logos to choose from. It insists that one of them must be on the shirt. It backs this up by getting rid of the remove button when you have your chosen logo selected.

There are a few different flavors of Pop-Tarts available to put on the shirt, some random graphics, and some background stuff. I played around with it a bit and made some random innuendo designs that I didn't save because you have to have an account and their shit is broken. I get a lovely ASP.NET error page in an iframe upon clicking the "Log In / Register" link.

I did however find a way to move the Pop-Tarts logo off of the shirt. Normally if you try to do this it goes "lol r u srs" and pops it back on the shirt, but you can abuse the ability to scale the logo to move it off. What you do is:
  1. Put the logo in the upper left corner. Overshoot a bit, it'll pop it back to the correct location for you.
  2. Hold the Scale + button until the logo stops increasing in size. This will take a while.
  3. Drag the logo a small distance. It will pop back so that the lower right corner of the logo is in the lower right corner of your editing space.
  4. Now hold the - Scale button until the logo stops decreasing in size. This will take a while.
Me: 1 - Corporate logo bullshit: 0

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