Friday, September 18, 2009

karaoke fun

♪♪ Life's a very sweet and bitter beauty song ♪♪

So yeah, CAINE had its second annual karaoke night. I took the song I took last year, Green Jell├┐'s The Bear Song, which is basically The Bear Went Over The Mountain with guitars and some added lyrics.

I also took The Lonely Island's I'm On A Boat. That's the one I ended up singing. I really should have pre-mixed a rum and coke, because my throat hurt basically until I got home and started drinking. But then again, I would have needed a 20 oz coke for that to go well and bleh. I'm drunk now so who the fuck really gives a shit. My throat felt better as soon as the rum hit it.

It was possibly more awesome than last year but was marred by one thing: YouTube sucking dick. Seriously. We had to preload every video. When did YouTube get to be so fucking slow? It can't even send the video in realtime anymore.

Moral of the story: people need to run Firefox with DownloadHelper installed, and just gank everything they want to sing. If all the files are local we can just fire up a media player and roll with it.

So now I'm listening to music. Right now it's Escape off of the only Metallica album I own (and first album I ever bought), Ride The Lightning. Earlier as you may have figured (or may not, depends on how much of a weeaboo you are) I was listening to Sweet Bitter Beauty Song off of the K-On! Don't say "lazy" single.

Fuck my hands are all tingly

♪♪ Life's for my own to live my own way ♪♪

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