Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just because I can...

I created the main five characters from K-On! in Guitar Hero: World Tour. Complete with their instruments. I would post pictures but... I'm too lazy. (or am I crazy?)

When I say "created", I mean approximated. Since there's nothing remotely similar to their school uniform available as clothing, I just winged it. But that's ok too, since they dress up on stage, and that's the only place you'll see them in-game anyway other than the character select screen. All I really had to do was make the hair look similar enough and select the right eye color. The hair was annoying to do since there isn't really anything similar to most of their hairstyles to choose from. The eyes don't really matter since while you're playing you can't really see them (and because you're looking at the notes lol). I would have chosen the Anime eyes but you can't change their color, you're stuck with blue.

I was able to get the instruments looking almost exactly like the ones in the anime. Since you can't make a keyboard, Mugi doesn't have one, but I assigned the other characters' instruments to her Guitar, Bass, and Drums. I guess you could use her as a vocalist.

Being able to assign each character an instrument to use when chosen for a specific part is pretty neat. I made full use of this. Everyone has everyone else's instruments for their other instrument slots. So if Mio's on guitar, she's playing Yui's guitar. If Azusa's on drums, she's got Ritsu's drum kit. You get the idea. I saved all the instruments so it's really easy to swap them in and out. I also made Sawako's guitar, just so all the instruments you see in the anime are usable (minus the keyboards, of course). It's not assigned to anyone but that's easily changeable.

All in all I made:
A random microphone and mic stand that I saved just so I could synchronize it across them

Yui's guitar (Gibson Les Paul) - I couldn't have both the white pinstripe and the dark red fade out (both are under "detail" and you can only use one of the options there), but I got the right texture and pick guard in there. The knobs are random but they're the only one I could select that had four. I went with the pinstripe even though the dark red fade out would be more noticeable because it's impossible to get a dark red with the stupid color wheel they give you to select colors with.

Azu-nyan's guitar
(Fender Starcaster) - Approximated on her pickguard and bridge. You can't specify a red that's dark enough, sadly. The body looks fine but the headstock, despite being the same red, looks a lot brighter. The bridge isn't right, but either the correct one isn't in the game or I don't have it unlocked. I chose one that fit with the guitar. Her pickups aren't completely correct either, but they work with the guitar.

Sawa-chan's guitar
(Epiphone Flying V, not Gibson)- I couldn't get the pickups or bridge colored like hers. The pickguard is also a little off. Other than that, it's her guitar.

Mio's bass
(Fender '62 Jazz Bass, lefty) - At first I couldn't get anywhere near it (I made Mio first, a long time ago). Then today after making Azu-nyan's guitar I went back through the bass bodies and found one that looked a lot more like hers and recreated it. Now it has the right pickguard, even with the silver area around the knobs and brown textured area. I also have the black/red/orange tricolor deal going on. This one looks the best of them all in my opinion. The only flaw is that I couldn't make the left-handed version.

Ritsu's drums
(Yamaha) - Really just going into the drum editor and making them yellow. Harder than it seems because there isn't really a "solid color" setting (wtf were they thinking), but there's one with a design that's really hard to see when you set the color to yellow, so it looks solid.

Yui - She's dressed in a denim vest over a white shirt, slightly torn denim jeans, and black OMG NOT REALLY Converse All-Stars. Seriously, they look just like Converse All-Stars but without the logo.

- Dressed in the purple frilly stuff. Had a hard time finding good shoes for her that didn't cover up parts of her pants, but when I found the Cat Bells shoes and discovered that they matched (and had cat bells) it was complete. There are no real twin-pigtail hairstyles but there is one that has two braids coming out the back. It was either that or Midori's hairstyle colored black. Neither looks correct at all, to be honest.

- The hair I used actually has two different color sections, but I just made both of them black. Other than that, she's dressed in a french maid outfit.

- Dressed as a nurse. Hair approximated somewhat, but it's not like there's a wide variety of regular normal hairstyles to choose from. If you want something crazy, chances are you'll find it, but if you want a normal one, there's about two or three to work with.

- I chose her hair solely on its name, which was something about being spunky. This one had two color sections as well, but set both to brown and nobody can tell. She's wearing a denim vest over a bikini top, denim pants, and flip flops. It's basically like she just came from the beach.

I didn't have enough character space left to make Sawako, but the game doesn't have the right glasses anyway. It's pathetic that you're limited to 8 custom characters on PS2. Fuck the premade ones that can't be customized nearly as much. I could delete "Narutard", which is the full ninja outfit colored orange/blue and bright yellow hair, that could become Goku with a hair change, but... yeah. If you haven't been counting, there's two characters remaining; they would be Chris (which is... me) and Yomi.

Now I just need to get off my ass and finish that custom of Don't say "lazy". It's still just the drum intro and the bass part.

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