Sunday, September 27, 2009

FPS controls

I'll start off by saying that I'm very much used to using a mouse (well, a trackball) and keyboard to play FPSes. But after the CAINE showing we were playing some Halo 3 and I had to adjust to gamepad controls, and holy fuck they're horrendous.

"Oh shit someone's shooting me!" is something that happens frequently. What do you do on each occasion?

Mouse/Keyboard: Flick the mouse to one side to face your newfound opponent and click to return fire. Maybe push S and either A or D to backpedal and strafe, consider jumping.
Gamepad: Move right analog, wait 10 seconds while you slowly rotate, die.

How the hell do people cope with gamepads?


Then it goes to "oh shit too far to the left oh shit now it's too far to the right oh shit now it's too far to the left oh shit now I'm dead"

If you're going to cripple capabilities by forcing gamepad controls on us, at least have the courtesy to give a 180 degree turn button and a "lock onto opponent" button so that facing your opponent and aiming become possible with any shred of accuracy and speed.


So if having button actions in the game designed to make it playable with a control method it wasn't designed for breaks it, then you shouldn't release the game in that format. Plain and simple. First Person Shooters were not meant to be played with gamepads. Reaction time reigns supreme, and the only way to have a decent one is with a mouse and keyboard.

"gamepads are just as good if you get used to them"

Is there any way to actually prove this? Is there an FPS where you can pit gamepad fools against real players using mouse and keyboard? Show me that, and I'll show you an FPS where everyone plays with mouse and keyboard because otherwise you automatically lose.

Seriously. Lose the gamepads.

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