Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Continuation of wallpaper update

Here's 16 more wallpapers. In case you're wondering why the sampling is so random, it's because I'm going in the order I saved them originally.

Also here we have our very first two Sekirei wallpapers. Apparently I'm one of very few that actually watched it, as there aren't really very many decent wallpapers to speak of. I managed to find Tsukiumi and Ku-chan, but no Matsu, sadly...

Also, the two Winry ones on white backgrounds were just quick edits because the image was actually a high resolution transparent PNG. I didn't really want to make some weird trippy background with filters or whatever, so I just made a layer under it and filled it with white. It works. Though I want to stab whoever it was that rendered the black background Winry one. IQDB didn't find a transparent bg one to work with, so I'm stuck with it for the moment.

One more update, tomorrow.

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