Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Practice makes perfect

I was trying to go for a while without mentioning Guitar Hero, but fuck it. Too much awesome has just occurred.

You know how the game has a practice mode? Well, oddly enough, it turns out that using it helps a great deal. Strange, I know. I spent about an hour in practice on Hier Kommt Alex, on a stupid part of the Bridge Riff I kept messing up that was less complex than other parts I could hit just fine, and then bringing it into context and working on my chord changes in the chorus since I randomly drop at the end of the Red+Orange/Red+Blue pattern. I arrived at the correct strum rhythm for the stupid part of Bridge Riff 1, and found I could do the Chorus chord changes a lot easier if I use my index and ring fingers on the Red+Orange and index and middle fingers on the Red+Blue.

Then I played it this morning. If 323570 isn't a good enough reward for practicing that song, I dunno what is.

Played Generation Rock, practiced its squeezes. They're not that hard, I can hit all of them, but... the whole practice thing seems to help. Fucked up two notes or it would have been an FC. My usual drop at the end of the intro (the Yellow note just before the Red+Blue chords), and a stupid one-fret-off thing that shouldn't have happened in the outro. My arm's getting better at that song (I downstrum the entire thing since I fuck up slow altstrumming).

Went on to Impulse. FCed the intro only strumming the notes that needed to be strummed. The strums in the intro really do follow the drum track, I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

Fucked up Metal Heavy Lady a few times while trying to get the star power path down. I really should have FCed that song by now.

Moving from the bonus setlist to the main setlist, I GOT A FUCKING -1 ON PAINT IT BLACK. Add that song to the list of the songs I should have FCed by now.

For some reason, practicing the hell out of Solo 2 in Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll (I can now FC both Solo 2A and 2B, even in the same run) has made me lose the main riff entirely and I failed partway through the song. WTF.

So I moved on to Knights of Cydonia where- HOLY FUCK I JUST NOTICED I GOT 100% ON BOTH BREAKNECK DESPERADOS. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I FCed Ammending Chorus and Galloping Triplets, only strumming what needed to be strummed. Even added in an Ammending Chorus 2 FC for good measure. But damn, 100% with overstrums on both Breakneck Desperados. I was dropping like crazy and they were all overstrums? Holy Fucking Shit. I'll take that 355006, all the way to the bank.

I wonder if I can get the damn hand shift in Fast Solo B. If I can, that solo will be my bitch. The zigzags are easy (I usually get the SP), but the transition to the descending triplets fucks me up (mainly because I have to do the descending triplets with my index finger on Yellow). It seems kinda ironic to mention this after everything I just said, but my fingers just don't want to move right now, especially my pinky. I shift up to have my index finger on Yellow in some other songs as well. Impulse's Blue/Orange trills come to mind. I just can't trill with my left pinky.

Also, a few days ago I broke 200K on The Way It Ends. Still a 3-star rating.

I think that's it for now.

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