Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chrono Trigger DS: Endings Festival

I finally remembered to do it on one of my Dimensional Vortex runs.  I went through and got all the rest of the endings.  "Then what's the point of all the stat maxing?"  To get stats maxed, duh.  You don't need nearly the stats I'm going for to beat Lavos, and that's really all there is about getting all the endings.

It's kind of sad, I had to load up an old post of mine to remind me when exactly I had to go beat Lavos to get each ending.  The only one I ever remember is the one you get for defeating Lavos after seeing Schala use her pendant.  That's also typically when I remembered I still needed endings in each run.

Also, there was something I was wondering about the ending named "A Slide Show?".  Aside from the name of the ending having changed to "Memory Lane" in the DS version, I've always seen the method of getting it listed as "defeat Lavos after seeing Schala use her pendant, but before powering up yours".  That's an incredibly small window of opportunity to obtain that ending.  Just to see what happens, I decided to beat Lavos before seeing Schala use her pendant, immediately thereafter, and as soon as possible after powering up my own pendant.

Before Schala uses her pendant: What The Prophet Seeks
After Schala uses her pendant: A Slide Show?
After powering up my pendant: What The Prophet Seeks

So, yes.  It does have a really small window of opportunity, on par with the length of both opportunities for the developers' ending.  I suppose that's appropriate for the ending where Crono actually talks.

As far as the stat maxing goes, it's kind of annoying having to get all the way to the end of the game for a once-per-game stat boost, but... I signed up for stat maxing, and I'm not going to rest until everything I can max has been maxed.  It came as a total surprise to me that there were additional stats that could be increased via the Dimensional Vortex areas, but since then I've gotten pretty good at speedrunning through each Vortex.  It also helps that Lucca maxes what she can max from Dimensional Vortex long before Crono or Marle will, so for the majority of the runs, I don't have to speedrun the Temporal Research Lab and do that weird bit where you have to use an alternate party.  I never did remember to change my party before getting trapped.

So, now that I've gotten all the endings, the only things left to get for Extras Mode completion are the accessories that are exclusive to Arena of the Ages, which I've been neglecting since it resets on every New Game +.  It also requires you to send your monster out, then wait ten minutes of real time for it to come back, just to raise the monster's stats and whatnot before you do fights to get said items.  So, I've been putting it off for the very end, after I'm done with the Dimensional Vortex runs.  But to be honest, it'll be a lower priority.  I still have some unfinished business in Bravely Default-land, after all.  Nope, I haven't forgotten about the SCIENCE! I wanted to do, both to compare money-making setups, and to see how one could send the best Rejuvenation possible.

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