Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Temporary Hiccup

So we had a power outage a few days ago.  Okay, whatever, right?  All my shit's on an uninterruptible power supply.

However, my computer seems to not care.  I've now lost a second power supply to a power outage, through my UPS.  I can't use my computer, so I have to play this game of using either the upstairs computer whenever my mom isn't on it, or using the computer downstairs that runs Windows Media Center so my dad can watch and record television, whenever he's not being a couch potato.

So basically, no games, no access to any of my shit, nothing.  Until I get a new power supply.

I'm typing this on the upstairs computer, in IE11 of all browsers.  Blogger does not like IE11.  Every step of the way, it pops up an error.  All the buttons that are supposed to be orange are instead grey.  The thing is, outside of that, it works perfectly.  Their own page that shows what browsers they support lists IE10, so...  I'm not sure what's going on there.

If I was permitted to install shit on this computer or the one downstairs, you bet your ass I'd install Firefox and be using that instead.  But my parents are, for whatever reason, incredibly paranoid about me installing anything on either of their computers.  To the point that I do have an anime-playing setup on the downstairs computer, that's custom-tailored to be as invisible as possible.  Not necessarily to hide it, but rather to prevent it from getting in the way of Windows Media Center's functionality.  I've left a note to my dad within the directory where I've stored all my shit that explains precisely what I did, why I did it, and where every single file I've placed on that computer resides.  So hopefully if he does discover it, he won't get his panties in too bad of a bunch.  He can just delete it, it'll be gone, and I've got a backup of the entire setup that I can easily restore.

It's the principle of "what they don't know won't hurt them", and in this case it's 100% correct.

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