Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chrono Trigger Grinding Script

A while ago I mentioned I'd written this, and needed to give it a once-over before making it public.

Then it sat there.

I did nothing.

And continued to do nothing.

Such is my style, you should probably be familiar with this by now.

However, I remembered about it earlier, did the aforementioned once-over, and here's the post making it available to the public.

Unfortunately, I can't just give you a file download, as it's written in PowerShell, and PowerShell is annoying about scripts you've downloaded.  Essentially, it won't let you run them.  So instead, you can harness the power of copy and paste (and save!), and do so with this pastebin link.

For the example in the Get-Help documentation to work right, you should name the script ctgrind.ps1 when you save it.

Have fun!

(by the way, the fact that I'm releasing this while still working on permanent stat boosts in the DS version means that I'm fairly confident that none of the new areas offer better grinding that still fits my criteria)

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