Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Flower Town Progress Tracker

I may or may not have mentioned this a while back, but I wrote a small PHP/SQL application to keep track of what I'd done in Flower Town, since I found the game's journal to be inadequate for presenting me with the kind of information I wanted to see.

Well, after what feels like forever since I finished Flower Town, I remembered about the application I wrote, modified it slightly to make it suitable for distribution, and packaged it on up.

Within the archive you'll find an extremely rough around the edges PHP script and set of MySQL tables.  The important thing, however, is that when combined on a server with Apache, mod_rewrite, PHP, and MySQL installed, they'll work together to let you track your progress in Flower Town.

Unfortunately, it isn't multi-user.  I wanted to make it multi-user, but writing the login system was taking time away from writing the actual application itself, so I hastily made it single-user with basic HTTP authentication.

Anyway, you're either begging for the link, or going "what a nerd, writing this nonsense to track progress in a streetpass game".  If you're of the latter disposition, GTFO.  If you're of the former disposition, however, here you go.  Enjoy.

Note: if the sentence above that mentioned the requirement for an Apache web server with mod_rewrite, PHP, and MySQL installed didn't catch your attention, then perhaps this will: This wasn't designed with the average user in mind.  It was designed by me, for me, on my already pre-configured server.  If the setup process seems like too much for you, then it probably is.  Unless of course you're looking for a learning experience in this sort of thing, in which case, go right ahead!

Edit (2016-03-03): Immediately upon resetting it so I could track progress on my second system, I noticed that it was full of bugs relating to there being either nothing or very little in the database.  I've fixed those on my own copy (not on the download above), but I'm adding some more features and will do a new post once the super shiny version 2.0 is ready for release.  Because, despite what I believed at the time, the version I released in this post wasn't actually ready for release...

What new features?  Well... that's just going to have to be a surprise.  I'll guarantee one thing: they'll be useful.

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