Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bravely Default: Three Chapters Done

I love my new flying city, complete with shops, save point, ship for sailing in water, and dungeon for XP/JP grinding.  For some reason the inn still costs money, but at this point with my Japanese Elixir Mammon around, money is no object.  This flying city also has an autopilot function, granting me fast travel to anywhere in the world that I've already been.

Bravely Default is an example of a game that's really, really not possible to judge until you get many, many hours into it.  It keeps changing and giving me new options.  Among the five jobs I got in Chapter Three was the Salve-Maker, which can use its Compounding ability in battle to mix items together and make some really powerful stuff.  Also, its specialty, Healing Lore, doubles the effectiveness of HP and MP recovery, and becomes a support ability at job level 9.  I can't wait to get it mastered and send another Rejuvenation, I'm going to try some shenanigans to make it superpowered.

While you have to have Salve-Maker as your primary job to level it up and get its abilities for a character, it seems to be a job that's better suited to be a secondary job.  It's a solid job overall, capable of dealing large amounts of damage and supporting the party, if you have the items to throw at it.  I mean, fuck, one of the things it can do is double a character's max HP (and heal them for 50% of the new max in the process).  You can then combine that with the ability to deal damage equal to your current HP, and you see where this is going.

You can't even leave some jobs alone and just focus on others, because all the jobs have slottable abilities that are useful for other jobs.  Red Mage is a neat one since it can cast up to the fourth level of spells in both Black Magic and White Magic, giving you the mid-tier of each essentially, making it yet another solid job to keep around as a secondary, particularly for a primary job that actually uses weapons instead of spells.  It also has some support abilities that would work well for any of the casting jobs, as well as numerous ways of generating BP.

I haven't delved into Pirate or Ninja yet, but... you could conceivably make a character BOTH a pirate AND a ninja.  Since I haven't seen their abilities I don't know if you'd want to, but... yeah.  Just putting that out there.

So yes, Grandship get.

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