Sunday, July 27, 2014

Super Mario World

So at MAGFest I bought a SNES and some games, one of which was actually five games in one cartridge: Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World.  I've never been all that great at the Mario games, the way he takes time to lose momentum after you stop pressing anything tends to contribute to this.

However, since I now legitimately own a copy of Super Mario World, I set out to possibly get better at the game, and get myself a save with all 96 exits.  Last night, I caped through the last three stages of Special World to victory.  After resetting to confirm my save had that sweet, sweet ★96 on it, I went and defeated Bowser to claim total victory over the game.

When I started, I couldn't even cape reliably.  I'd just randomly fall out of the sky after successfully doing it a few times.  But I seem to have gotten the hang of it, and have adopted the mantra of "Playing Super Mario World = Flying over entire stages".

So, things I still find annoying despite having beaten the entire game:
  • Water stages
    • Mostly Mondo with its changing water level, the underwater stages aren't so bad.
  • The golden fish in the water stages, that always seem to flip back over at exactly the wrong time.
  • Slippery stages
    • One specific stage in Special World comes to mind where regardless of how well you do, it all comes down to a jump off of a red parakoopa that flies up and down, to a slippery block, and then finally to solid ground.
  • Stages that look like they can be caped through until you hit an invisible barrier above the top of the screen somewhere
  • The fact that I can't remember where to get the cape other than Donut Plains 1, Top Secret Area, and Forest of Illusion 2 (with Green Switch Palace)
  • The fact that saving the game only saves world progress and Mario's current location.  Nothing else gets saved, so you lose all your extra lives (reset to 5), Mario's status (big/fire flower/cape), and Yoshi.
  • The hammer brothers that spew out hammers on their stupid flying platforms, seriously you have anger issues and throwing hammers around for no reason is not a healthy way to deal with them
  • Tubular (seriously, I used 54 lives on this one damn stage)
  • Iggy and Larry Koopa, because of their stupid see-saw platforms where you think you've got them knocked off but they stop just at the edge and then the platform tilts back up.  Seriously, won't you please go and die in the fire I'm trying to knock you into?
  • Magikoopas
    • I cheesed the cape on the stupid vertical pillars in Larry's Castle, because fuck you magikoopas why can't I cape-spin-kill you?
Random things I did that I feel good about:
  • I caped to the secret exit in Cheese Bridge Area, which involves dropping in altitude at a precise moment so you can fly under the first goal.
  • I somehow double-ate a 1UP mushroom in Top Secret Area and got two lives.  This only happened once, all attempts to recreate failed.
Anyway.  Super Mario World beaten with all 96 exits.  I know there's four glitch exits for a total of 100, I don't care, you have to do some frame-precise things to get those exits anyway, and the US version doesn't go above 96 on the counter, so there's no point.  I've done everything there is to do, and that's what matters.

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