Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bravely Default Nemesis Strategy: Still No Vacation

See also: Tax on the Cupid.  This is the level 30 version.

Recommended party:
  • 3 Black Mages, 1 White Mage (yawn)
  • Angelic Ward on everyone
  • Black Resonance on your white mage if you can
  • Other support abilities up to you lol
  • White Mage job command: Black Magic
Special Moves:
  • Withering Ripples set to enable Poison and Sleep, and toss on an elemental weakness for us to exploit
  • Rejuvenation with max HP/MP/BP boosts and Cure K.O. just in case things go south.
  • Unleash Withering Ripples.
  • Default with White Mage up to 3 BP.
  • Sleep Khint, Poison Profiteur.  Reapply these statuses as necessary.
  • Spam your chosen element.  When your White Mage has 3 BP, let them join in, but save those BP.
  • Khint leaves the battle when Profiteur is around 50% health.
  • Profiteur will now start spamming Takedown for 2000 damage a pop (hug that Angelic Ward), but put himself in debt on BP every time he does it, giving you a free round to heal up with your White Mage, using Brave as necessary to top up multiple people in one turn.
  • Keep spamming your chosen element and make sure nobody dies, and you win.
Up next: At the end of July, Pollywog pg.  Perhaps sooner, Satan.  I need to get further in the story so I can buy the next tier of elemental spells, as Satan has a lot of health to wear down.  My black mages are high enough level to have the required level of Black Magic available, so it's just a matter of buying the spell scrolls.

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