Friday, July 11, 2014

Taking a step backwards

...and hopefully two steps forwards in the near future.

By the backwards step, I am of course referring to moving back in with my parents.

By the two steps forwards in the near future, I am of course referring to finding employment and then a single bedroom apartment.

This hopefully very temporary stint in my parents' house will be quite different.  They're going to be assisting me in getting rid of basically all my old furniture (desk and bed) and getting new ones that are easier to move between residences.  Hopefully I can get a new, smaller dresser that might be easier to move between residences as well.  The bed/desk/dresser set I currently have was purchased from This End Up back in the day, and is full of big heavy pieces of wood and is overall pretty horrible for anyone to move anywhere.

I've moved the majority of my non-bed non-desk non-dresser stuff.  All that's left is stuff that's fairly easy to shove in a box or a plastic bag and toss in the car.  Well, and three computers.  But, you know.

Also, I will need to procure a network switch.  My bedroom back at my parents' place only has one network drop, and no wireless.  This clearly won't suffice for three computers, let alone the fact that I want to build a new computer to be my primary gaming machine (the only part of which I have procured thus far is Windows 7), and get the necessary stuff to set up SpillPass-Pi for my 3DS, for three purposes: getting streetpasses without having to leave the house, eShop access, and sending net friend invites in Bravely Default.  I also kind of want a laptop, but that's a fairly low priority.

Anyway, I've removed that "10% - becoming homeless" entry in the sanity meter.

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