Monday, July 21, 2014

Charlottesville Nintendo Zones

Because StreetPass was only designed to work in Japan, knowledge of where you can go for guaranteed StreetPasses in the US is a bit tricky.  Nintendo has a locator, but it doesn't want to work for me, probably because I've disabled IP geolocation for privacy purposes.

Anyway, I've started a Google Spreadsheet for keeping track of the Nintendo Zones around where I live.  I've set it so anyone with the link can view it and leave a comment, but only I can edit it.  If you're reading this and live in Charlottesville, VA, I invite you to help me fill it in.

Values of note:
  • TRUE - means StreetPassing the Nintendo Zone was successful
  • FALSE - means StreetPassing the Nintendo Zone was not successful
  • #N/A - location does not have a drive through
  • blank - not tested yet
  • red text - location has Nintendo Zone but it doesn't work correctly, try it anyway to see if it magically works now
When contributing, please provide notes in a similar vein to the ones that are already in the "Notes" column.  Of importance is whether or not StreetPassing from outside the location requires getting out of the car, specific parking spaces where it works the best, and where to go inside the location for best results.

Figuring out the SSID might be a bit tricky, but once you do, you can get it and the MAC address if you have a laptop with you (LOL JUST GO BUY ONE IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE).  If you have a wireless router you can freely reconfigure, take down all the SSIDs your 3DS sees in the area, use the laptop to grab their MAC addresses, set your router's SSID to those (Make sure there's no encryption!  Configure MAC authentication on the router to secure it!), one at a time, and see which ones cause your 3DS to say that Nintendo Zone is available.  Then submit those SSIDs and their corresponding MAC addresses.

If you're unsure about the SSID and MAC address, provide what you think is correct, but note that you're unsure about it.

Why do I want the MAC addresses?  For HomePass, duh.  Everyone configures HomePass with a massive global list of MAC addresses, but I'd really just like those from the area around me.  Having a list that's too big is absolute crap for building up levels for Find Mii and Find Mii 2.  Besides, processing StreetPasses takes a lot longer when you have the DLC StreetPass games.


Edit (same day): Swapped spreadsheet link for a form link.  I kinda forgot about forms.  lol

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