Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bravely Default Nemesis Strategy: Pollywog pg

This is a weird nemesis.  On July 1st, its level was 1, and it went up by one level each day.  It was given out on the first and second of July, and if it was given out after that, I didn't get it.  They're all ridiculously easy to beat.

Recommended party:
  • Any method of dealing fire damage and lightning damage
  • Heck, any method of dealing damage, period.  No specific party required.
Special Moves:
  • None necessary
  • If you've brought magic, hit the Pollywogs with lightning and the Lucky Jade with fire.  Otherwise, punch in the face.
Up next: Now that I have Blizzaga, I can see about clearing Norende of all the copies of the Satan nemesis that I have.

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