Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Whole NFL Referee Shenanigans

Let me start off by saying that I'm not writing from the point of view of a fan of any team in the NFL.  I don't really care about football to be honest, it's something I watch with friends and family to be sociable (and get out of the house).  Since I've lurked moar, I know the majority of the rules and can generally keep up with things, but I have no favorite team.  I have friends who care deeply about one or another team, though, and recent events have provoked a response from me, that to be honest echoes what the majority are saying right now.

The recent crap with the referees that's been happening is inexcusable.  Any time you have someone in a position of authority that can't perform their job competently, you have a problem.  When you have the fans in the stands chanting "bullshit!" after calling unsportsmanlike conduct on a team's coach for trying to get a ref's attention so he could call a timeout, you have a problem.  When you have a referee throwing his hat onto the field, into the path of a wide receiver as he tries to run his route, you have a problem.

Apparently the real refs are on some sort of a lockout, and we have replacement ones from who the fuck knows where in the meantime.  So many people (players and fans alike, from what I've seen across sports-related websites) are calling for these "junior league" refs to be fired and for the regular ones who actually know what they're doing to come back.

From the point of view of a relative outsider, the solution is simple: do what it takes to get the regular refs back.  Before fans begin storming the field to give the refs a piece of their mind (or a foot to the crotch as it were).  Because if this goes on much longer, the replacement refs are going to need security detail before, during, and after the game.  But the simple solutions from people who don't really fully grasp what's going on hardly ever work out well, so I'll just say "I dunno".

Also, this edited Buffalo Wild Wings commercial highlights the whole thrown hat thing slightly better than my first link.

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