Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rogue Galaxy Post-Game Session 5

This session was all about getting things done.  In it, I finished Revelation Flow, caught Hunter Record up to game progress, and finished analyzing and combining weapons I already had for the Frog Log.

Finishing Revelation Flow was mostly annoying because the items I needed dropped very rarely.  At least I was comboing it together with Hunter Record and Frog Log.  I eventually got the two remaining Crystal Staffs and the three remaining Galactic Compasses I needed.  Then I hopped over to Zerard and bought the random item Jupis needed to finish his very last ability, and as promised, I added it to his Revelation Flow while standing in front of the stupid idol girl that hands out the completion rewards.  The reward for completing Revelation Flow was a costume for Deego.

After that, I jetted to Ghost Ship to wrap up the remaining enemies I needed for the Hunter Record.  It was relatively straightforward, and while it seemed as though the spawn rates would occasionally change just to spite me when I had one of a given enemy left, I did eventually get it done.  The only entries missing from Hunter Record now are the ones for enemies in Ghost Ship Extreme, which I haven't started.

As for combining weapons I already had for the Frog Log, that's done, and I'm sitting at around 10 of Toady's suggestions remaining.  I can quite probably do the rest with random swords for Jaster.  Then I'll finally be able to sell off all the extra weapons I have lying around.

Between finishing Frog Log and doing Ghost Ship Extreme and its Hunter Record entries, I plan on doing a giant sweep of every area to look for chests I may have missed.  I know for a fact I haven't revisited everywhere since getting the psychic ability to tell where chests are on the map, so I've probably missed a few here and there.

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