Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles

I'll admit, I've always been more of a Pop Tarts guy.  I always saw Toaster Strudel's necessity of freezing and applying the icing yourself to be a hinderance.  But lately I've always made a point to try every new flavor of Pop Tarts at room temperature as well as toasted and frozen.  That and I noticed that there were Toaster Strudel varieties that didn't have equivalent Pop Tarts varieties.

I was out with CAINE when I noticed Toaster Scrambles in the freezer case next to the Toaster Strudels.  They're basically Toaster Strudels, but with bacon, egg, and cheese inside.  They were already rather inexpensive, and they were also on sale, so I figured "why the hell not" and grabbed a box.

You get six of them in a box, and the listed serving size is one.  Unlike with Pop Tarts where the listed serving size is one but they're sub-packaged in twos, all six are in one bag inside the box.  So it's trivial to take one out, fold the bag over, and put it back into the box.

The directions are fairly simple.  Toaster to medium and toast for a couple of cycles.  Directions for a toaster oven are much of the same, but recommend fewer cycles.

They have further directions you can follow for if they're still cold (or have cold spots) even after being toasted, which happened to me.  Except that I was partway through eating at that point and was sitting at my computer, which isn't in the kitchen.  I didn't really feel like getting up to go pop them in the microwave, so I just continued eating them.  To be honest, now that I know that two cycles on medium with my toaster isn't enough (it's an old POS, that might play into it), I'm more inclined to just toast them longer.

If you do end up with cold spots in your filling, though, the recovery microwave directions work.  Simply microwave for 10 seconds on high.  I use a 1200 watt microwave, so, you know, microwaves can be unpredictable, adjust as necessary, etc.

As for the taste and texture, the crust is soft and flaky, and they don't taste too bad.  The egg and cheese were plainly obvious, and on occasion I noticed the bacon.

Personally, I feel as though Pop Tarts are a lot more of a guaranteed thing.  Pop them in the toaster on its lowest setting and they'll be done perfect in one cycle every time.  But then again, they're also stored at room temperature.  They haven't had a decent new variety in forever either, which is another reason why I'm looking around for alternatives.

Overall, if you're a Toaster Strudels person, or just happen to like your bacon, egg, and cheese for breakfast, they're a pretty good decision.

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