Thursday, September 6, 2012

More YouTube CSS Tweaks

You could have seen this coming.  After upgrading my main monitor to a 1440x900 widescreen LCD, my previously-posted-about YouTube CSS Tweaks that were designed for 1152x864 needed updating.

I also used this opportunity to test my own directions for tweaking it to match your display resolution.  As listed in the comments, all of the calculations work.  Also, as a bonus, I went ahead and added the interface_height constant and changed the content_height calculation accordingly, though I still recommend disregarding this calculation and just tweaking content_height until it matches your available vertical space.

As a reminder, when tweaking, have the addon bar turned on, even if you don't regularly use it.  That way, when you have it off, there will be room to turn it on without scrollbars appearing.

I'm updating the original link with these new tweaks because I also included some more comments explaining all the various hard-coded values in the calculations.  For convenience, I'll also link the CSS from this post.

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