Saturday, September 22, 2012

last post ever about 10-bit h264

So I was watching some anime on the computer we got from our neighbors, just to see how well it could handle it with the software decoding and all.  Everything about that computer is a bit underpowered, except for one thing: the processor has two cores.

I guess I underestimated that.

mplayer2 goes "oh hey multi-core lol ok" and says "asking decoder to use 2 threads if possible".

I didn't try Totem or whatever the default Ubuntu 12.04 media player is, because whatever it is, it sucks.  At least with mplayer2 it will use fonts inside matroska files...

Basically, I watched all of Carnival Phantasm again.  Loading it over the network as well, just because I didn't want to transfer it over and have to wait for that.  mplayer2 complained a couple times that it thought the computer was too slow to play the file (most likely due to loading the file over the network), but I never experienced any playback hiccups.

Then I decided to watch some of the extra stuff like EX season and Fate/Prototype, both of which UTW encoded in 10-bit.

To my surprise, it handled it flawlessly.  Even loading it over the network.

I didn't bother to window what I was watching and open htop to monitor CPU usage, but since the playback was devoid of all the issues I had on this single-core CPU, I feel reasonably safe in declaring success.

So basically, anything I download in 10-bit now I'm going to watch on that thing until I can build myself a new desktop.

This means I can finally watch the K-ON! movie, since I could only find it in 10-bit.

Also, now I sort of feel like I need to re-watch anything I attempted to watch before but could barely do so because of the whole 10-bit thing.  This includes Fate/Zero and Mouretsu Pirates.

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