Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rogue Galaxy Post-Game Session 6

This session's name is "The Most Planned-Out 30 Battles Ever".


Because I did a lot of looking back and forth between my item storage, the Frog Log, and the Shop List FAQ on GameFAQs before I even started actually playing the game.  From the previous session, I ended up at 39 of Toady's suggestions synthesized, which left 11 remaining.  After consulting the Frog Log and the Shop List FAQ extensively, I found eleven weapons in my possession that fit the bill and the corresponding eleven weapons I needed to buy from shops.  I then went around to all those shops and bought all eleven weapons.  The best part: the set I found let me keep my party the same for all of it.  So rather than having to swap party members around, I could just keep my usual party of Jaster, Kisala, and Zegram.

What I ended up with was two main weapons and two sub weapons for everyone, except for Zegram who only needed one sub weapon.  Taking advantage of both the main weapon and sub weapon slots cut this down tremendously from what I was originally planning, which was just doing a bunch of swords for Jaster.  Essentially I had a set of six weapons and a set of five, which meant it would take 30 battles to get all of them maxed.

In order to plan all this out, I took notes.  Remember that computer I got from a neighbor and installed Ubuntu 12.04 on?  Yeah, I've been using it these past few sessions, connected to the same TV as my PS2, using its picture-in-picture options to display the computer's video next to the PS2's video, and it came in extra handy for this one.

Where did I do the 30 battles?  Where else, but the easiest place in the game: Rosa.  Specifically, at the Residential Area Plaza.  The battles there are so easy that usually Kisala and Zegram can finish them in a matter of seconds while Jaster runs in circles thanks to my controller's analog sticks being rubber banded together.  Ah, the advantage of having a level 70+ party in the first area of the game.

Anyway, for all my trouble I got a costume for Zegram.  I then proceeded to pull all the random extra weapons I had out of item storage and sell them off.  Not that I particularly needed the money or storage space, but just so I never had to look at or care about them ever again.  So aside from all the special swords for Jaster, all that's really in there is costumes and random shields I've picked up around the game.  Fun fact: I've barely used the shield equipment slot.  I seriously contemplated getting confuse shields for everyone when I was going through Mother's Lair and someone was getting confused and killing a fellow party member nearly every battle, but it was just one of those "you know, I should really do this" things that I never actually get around to doing.

The research and preparation for this session took quite a bit longer than the session itself took.  This is the last of the short sessions, though.  Up next is a quick flyby of everywhere in the game to check for missed chests, then depending on how long that takes, the beginning of Ghost Ship Extreme, making sure to fill in the Hunter Record as I go so that I complete Hunter Record before I get to the end of Ghost Ship Extreme.

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