Sunday, July 8, 2012

Toying with Xpadder

After configuring Xpadder for the Xbox 360 controller I got, naturally, I wanted to make a profile for something so that I'd actually get some use out of it.  I figured "hey, why not start with the Karoshi Flash games?"

I've finished tweaking* and arrived at a config that works for both Flash versions of Karoshi.  It contains cheat buttons for a couple of stages, but the nifty part is, if I don't want to use them, I don't have to press them.  A few buttons also have cheaty aspects to them while also performing a critical function, and one in particular has a rather nice convenience aspect (LB).

The layout I arrived at:
  • D-Pad left and right - left and right arrow keys, respectively (player movement)
  • Left analog stick - mouse movement (web page navigation, also used in some levels)
  • Right analog stick - mouse wheel scroll and tilt (web page navigation)
  • A - up arrow key (jump)
  • B - mouse left click (web page navigation, also used in some levels)
  • X - Spacebar, with turbo (fires gun in the first game)
  • Y - K (necessary for one level in each of the Flash versions)
  • LB - Caps Lock, with a short delay and a second Caps Lock keystroke to turn Caps Lock back off. (necessary for one level of the second game)
  • RB - R (resets the level)
  • LT - Cheat button.  While held, changes to Set 2, which swaps left and right on the D-Pad while keeping the rest the same. (makes a level of the first game easier)
  • RT - Shift (necessary for one level in the second game)
  • Back - Cheat button. Presses the left arrow key, with turbo and a short pause between re-presses.  Makes a level of the first game easier.
  • Start - Escape, with turbo.  Necessary for one level of the second game.
So if you're following this post while configuring a profile in Xpadder for yourself, that should be everything.  As long as you have your analog stick dead zones set up properly, you're good to go.  Oh, and all my "short delay"s are 0.1 seconds.  Keys are also held for 0.1 seconds.  It's actually kind of a long delay, but whatever.

*I may not actually be finished tweaking.

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