Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rogue Galaxy Post-Game Session 1

Yeah, I beat the game, but there's still plenty of stuff to do.  Some of it I'm strategically putting off, and the rest of it I'm doing now.  I've officially started using guides.

After beating the game, I set out to synthesize everyone's ultimate weapon.  Which entails figuring out which swords to combine together in what order.  There are a total of four guides on GameFAQs that pertain to weapon synthesis, and none of them lay the information out the way I need it.  I had to piece it together myself by working backwards from what I wanted to weapons that could be purchased from stores, obtained from chests, or made in the factory.  So my notes document is currently full of "get these weapons, combine them in this order, this is what you get" for every character and both weapon types.

Jaster is a fun one.  He effectively has four tiers of ultimate weapons.
  • The first (lowest) tier is on par with everyone else's ultimate weapons.  It has the same base power of 314 that everyone else's ultimate weapon has.  His sub-weapon thankfully maxes out at this point as well.
  • The second tier is the Seven Star Swords.  The strongest of these can be obtained before beating the game, which renders the first tier mostly irrelevant.  Furthermore, they can be upgraded via the weapon synthesis system to make them better.  The base power of the strongest fully-upgraded Seven Star Sword, Gryphon Lord, is 377.
  • The third tier is only available after beating the game, and consists of one sword: Diabolos.  In order to start its synthesis chain you have to get a sword from Ghost Ship, which doesn't appear until you beat the game.  Its base power is 400.
  • The fourth (highest) tier is only available after beating Ghost Ship, and once again consists of one sword: Dorgencalibur, with a base power of 500.  You receive the sword necessary to start the synthesis chain upon beating Ghost Ship, and I imagine this sword helps out a lot in Ghost Ship Extreme.  Because Level-5 likes their 100 level post-game dungeons.
Also, it's worth mentioning that the weapon analysis system effectively will not lead you to pretty much anyone's ultimate weapon and stops giving advice when weapons get above a certain level, meaning you either have to experiment to figure out what's going to work, or look it up.  For me, there are way too many possibilities to make experimentation feasible, so I just looked it up.

So, weapons I have now that I've done a ton of weapon synthesis: (they're all ultimate weapons unless otherwise specified)
  • Jaster:
    • Absolution Halo(EX): This is Jaster's mostly pointless power 314 weapon.  I made it just for completion's sake, after I made Gryphon Lord.  Because I have more money in-game than I know what to do with.
    • Gryphon Lord: As mentioned above, it's the highest power Seven Star Sword.
    • Zeo Sychros X: The fully upgraded version of Zeo Sychros, the sword given to you by the story in Chapter 13.  It's not necessary to upgrade this sword to complete the game, but you also can't remove it from your inventory, so I upgraded it.  It has a base power of 355.
    • One synthesis away from Diabolos.
    • I have the swords necessary to synthesize the Seven Star Sword that has to be synthesized to even get its lowest power version (Duke Nightmare).
    • I will eventually obtain and fully upgrade all seven of the Seven Star Swords.  Just to say that I did.
    • Arc Scorpion(EX): Fortunately, Jaster only has one ultimate sub-weapon to worry about.
  • Kisala:
    • Snow Queens(EX): Main weapon.
    • Matriarch's Roses(EX): Sub-weapon.
  • Zegram:
    • Hades Child(EX): Main weapon.
    • Soaring Tengu(EX): Sub-weapon.
  • Steve:
    • Final Big Bang(EX): herp
    • The Fearless(EX): derp
  • Simon:
    • Ganymedeon(EX)
    • Paradise Lost(EX)
  • Lilika:
    • Sunslayer Bow(EX)
    • Divine Beast Hatchet(EX)
  • Jupis:
    • Genius Fusion(EX)
    • UFO Squadron P(EX)
  • Deego:
    • One synthesis away from Rasphara Grandius(EX)
    • One synthesis away from Lost Galaxy(EX)
As implied by my progress towards getting Diabolos, I started up Ghost Ship.  I literally turned around and teleported out once I got the sword I needed.

While I was doing the weapon synthesis, I worked on my hunter record a bit.  There are 212 different non-boss enemy types in the game, and the game gives you a goal number of each to kill and a certain amount of hunter points as a reward if you make or break that mark.  If you play through the game at the natural pace it has you play at, you'll get a good portion of these, but you'll miss a lot.  The two tasks (weapon synthesis and hunter record completion) go together fairly well because it takes 15 battles to get a new weapon to the MAX state where you can then synthesize it with another already MAX weapon.

Towards the end of that process I started stringing out the battles a bit more.  Instead of just running around in circles in one area, I decided to hunt down the seven rare items I missed on my guide-free playthrough of the game.  I did find two of them, and they're arguably the two easiest to find when you don't know what you're looking for.  I ended up finding the remaining seven, and claimed my reward from the stupid idol girl in Galaxy Corporation: a costume for Simon.  Also, a neat thing is you can go into Dorgengoa's cabin on the Dorgenark and see all the rare items you've found lying about the room.

The one thing I'll be putting off is Insector.  After reading around through the archives of the GameFAQs forums for Rogue Galaxy, I found that there's a special "ultimate" insector you can only get after completing Ghost Ship Extreme, and in the interest of making Insector easier I want anything to skew the odds in my favor that I can get.

I had Jaster's Revelation Flow complete before beating the game, and Kisala's complete shortly after beating the game.  The rest of them need a bit of work, but the stupid idol girl says I'm at 89% completion on it, so I'm not far off.  There are a couple decently rare items I need to farm up for it, and then the rest is seeing what I need as I fill in the spaces and get to what I couldn't see before.

Anyway, I'll end this post before it turns into me rambling about things I either have or haven't done in-game.  It's a good game, and if you like console RPGs you should play it.  Bottom line.

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