Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[remuXT] No Need for remuXT

Looks like Lucky Star is getting a bluray release.  Thus I can just wait.  Hopefully someone will OCR and re-typeset a.f.k.'s subs rather than taking the easy way out with R1 subs...

Seems like a lot of wasted effort, downloading the Exiled-Destiny release and remuxing 3/4ths of it only to never actually watch it, but whatever.

Edit: well, looks like Coalgirls have said that they'll use a.f.k.'s subs if they do it (someone posted a mediafire link of pre-OCR'd subs), and apparently Doki is planning to release with a.f.k.'s subs as well...  Win.  Though the true winner will be whoever releases it dual audio, as Lucky Star's dub wasn't all that bad if I remember feedback from my dub-watching friends correctly...

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