Monday, January 10, 2011

MAGFest Plans

I won't be able to work on my MAGFest post while at MAGFest because I'm not taking my computer this year.  It's just too much of a hassle and I end up missing various things I wanted to go see because I'm sitting there at my computer having too much fun.

Therefore, most of my MAGFest post will be available early, as tweets on my Twitter account.  I'll then take all that and summarize into a fairly coherent blog post and expand on some things that just aren't possible to fit into 140 characters.

All tweets will of course be sent by my cell phone, assuming of course I have decent enough service up there.  Last time I was in DC it was fine, but some people on some carriers (*cough* AT&T) have noted issues in the hotel before.

I might turn on Twitter TracFone Minute Drain™ by enabling mobile notifications of some people that I'm following.  We'll see how that goes.  Will my pocket be constantly beeping the Power Rangers communicator beep (my text message noise) all the way up to the hotel?  Or will I remain sane while driving?

Things I know I'm going to now:
  • HIROKI KIKUTA PANEL FUCK YEAH (for anyone who doesn't know, he did the music for a little game called Secret of Mana, somehow or another MAGFest got him as a guest and I'm definitely not missing it)
  • Jon St. John's panel
  • Try once again to remember to go to the trivia contest to see ScrewAttack get their asses beat for the third year in a row by a friend of mine.
Things I know I'm buying now:
  • AVGN DVD volume 4

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