Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Better BetterPrivacy

So I finally got tired enough of BetterPrivacy's completely unintuitive mass-deletion interface and haxored it to act more to my liking.  Now, instead of a confusing confirmation dialog where, to get the desired effect of deleting all unprotected Flash cookies, you have to answer "No"; we now have this:

Much better.  Of course, I made the necessary code changes so that it actually works like that now.  Deleting protected Flash cookies is still possible, but has been made intentionally harder as now you have to delete each one individually.  Part of me wishes I knew how to shift the default button to "No", and the rest of me doesn't care because I'm only ever going to be answering "Yes".

Also while I was poking around in it I deleted all the localizations for languages I don't know.  That's just a waste of my hard drive space anyway.  I'll just stick with good old en-US.

Of course, in the process of testing out my fix I accidentally deleted all my protected Flash cookies again.  But thanks to this fix, that's the last time that'll ever happen.  I just have to remember that now I need to haxor all future versions of BetterPrivacy to work like this as well.

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