Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slider Wars

I was at Giant today picking up some stuff and noticed TGI Friday's Anytime Sliders.  While my preference is definitely White Castle, I figured I'd give 'em a try.

So how do they stand up?

White Castle
  • 6 to a package, wrapped in twos
  • Cooking directions for two at once
  • Thin patty, mostly bun
  • Buns are soft once heated
  • No extra sauce packet or anything
  • Remove from wrapping before heating
TGI Friday's
  • 4 to a package, individually wrapped
  • Cooking directions are only for one
  • Thick patty, less bun
  • Buns tough when heated
  • Two sauce packets, and a paper tray that the instructions never mention
  • Heat in wrapping and remove afterwards
As for the taste, well, the sauce combined with the thicker patty weighs heavily in favor of TGI Friday's.  However, the overall ease of heating and eating award goes to White Castle.  Combine that with the fact that you get six from White Castle compared to four from TGI Friday's, and White Castle is the winner.

Let's face it: nobody eats just one slider.  That's why they're so small in the first place.  White Castle used to have cooking directions for an entire box, but those have disappeared somewhat recently and they only advise you to cook two at a time now.

The paper tray mystifies me.  It's the right size to hold two of the sliders.  You know, the ones you're only supposed to heat one at a time.  The serving size is also just one.  Don't they pay attention to how people actually eat sliders?  The serving size should at the very least match White Castle's, which is two.

Also, with the sauce, messiness becomes a factor.  White Castle's sliders are only messy if you add messy stuff to them.  Basically, don't eat these without a napkin nearby, and be prepared for sauce drips, because they will happen.

As far as instructions go, they have the already much-ranted-about "make sure they're 165°F before eating" note, and a useless "Caution: food may be hot after microwaving" warning.  Of course it's going to be hot.  I just put it in a 1200 watt microwave for 50 seconds.  If it isn't hot, there's something wrong with the microwave.  Also, the flavor packet didn't pack nearly as much of a punch as it's made out to.  It's just oversweetened BBQ sauce...

The fact that you have to take a piping hot slider out of a plastic bag is just crazy.  What were you thinking, TGI Friday's?

In summary: Just stick with White Castle.

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