Thursday, October 21, 2010

Followup: Melty Blood: Actress Again

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There's only one reason I'd follow that post up: I now have Archetype:Earth Arcueid unlocked.  I'm not entirely sure how I did it, either.  I'd been fruitless at my attempts to beat Boss Rush without continues (even setting the difficulty all the way down, the damage all the way up, and doing nonstop beamspam with Neko-Arc), and I wasn't about to beat Arcade Mode with all characters.  I just turned the game on and there she was, like she'd been unlocked.  So yes, I saved.

This means I can now comment on Eclipse style.

Eclipse style: Basically, it's the "boss" style.  While it doesn't give you infinite Magic Circuit, it does generate it pretty quickly.  Also, on a successful EX-Shield, there's an automatic counterattack, just like in Half-Moon style, but the rest of the style's mechanics are like Crescent Moon style.

Through what I can only assume is a glitch, you can play with Archetype:Earth Arcueid in Crescent Moon style as well.  If you select her via the Random Character selection, she'll come up in Crescent Moon style.  Her move list is different and completely hidden.  A fair number of her sprites for Crescent Moon style also don't have proper transparency, which only contributes to thinking of this as a glitch.

You can only use Crescent Moon style and Eclipse style with her, and once you have her in Crescent Moon style, if you reselect her without moving your cursor, she'll still be in Crescent Moon style.  Moving the cursor away and back resets the glitch and will give you Eclipse style.  I guess this is good for the sake of Vs. mode, since Eclipse style is kind of overpowered.

Upon further inspection, she seems to have regular Arcueid's move list in Crescent Moon style.  So expect a similar gameplay experience when using her in Crescent Moon style.

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