Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Exercise in Hilarity

Also known as: Fall Season Anime Post. Or, A Rant on CrunchyRoll Subs.

I know I've posted about them before, but here... Just the funny ones.  Which really, since Index 2 has had some funny moments with all the nuns lately, it should be here as well, but whatever.

Panty & Stocking has been funny since the beginning, but the first episode I had to watch again was episode 3, solely for its second half.  The color scheme, the imagery, the metaphor they're drawing...  I was laughing the moment I realized when I saw it the first time.  At first I was like "wait... no, really? really?" but then I was like "lolololololololololololololololololol".  Episode 4 was great too.  I dunno how much liberties crunchyroll are taking with the subtitles (and sadly, the only releases I can find are CR rips, though thankfully with better sub styling and typesetting), but the reference to that AnimeJunkies Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex subtitle was hilarious.  It fits with what had happened earlier, but I dunno...

Shinryaku! Ika Musume has been one laugh after another since the first episode.  Thankfully here, there's a group (that's right, one. One group.) releasing real fansubs instead of waiting out crunchyroll's 5-day delay between airing and when they release.  Thank you, FFFpeeps.  I've seen the CR subs, and I don't like them.  They modify their translation for every single squid pun, and seeing the word "squid" portmanteau'd with a random word every other line gets old quickly.  Anyway, what else can I say?  Every episode has been hilarious.  Oh wait, I already said that.

Seriously though, I don't like CR's subs in general.  They put no effort into typesetting or making them readable at a distance.  If there's a light background, they're very difficult to read.  Also, they don't translate the opening and ending songs.  And people pay money for this?  Suckers.

Fortunately, the last series I'm going to talk about in this post actually has multiple real groups releasing it.  That would be Ore no Imouto.

The premise is interesting enough, that a guy finds out that his little sister, who is good in school and is popular and seemingly as normal as one can get, is in fact a massive otaku.  Every episode has been exploring various bits of being into anime, manga, eroge, and so forth.  After what happened at the end of the fourth episode, I honestly can't wait for the fifth.  The episodes are starting to link together in ways other than the overarching story.  It's been pretty funny too, perhaps not as funny as the other two series I'm mentioning here, but it's definitely in the comedy area of things.

So yeah.  Shinryaku! Ika Musume is the most consistently funny show I'm watching this season, by far.

Also, if you've been watching my twitter thing over on the right you may have noticed me talking about Fate/Unlimited Codes...  I'm working on a post about that.  There's one more thing I'd like to comment on that needs to be unlocked, once I have that I'll finalize the post.

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