Monday, August 2, 2010

This Season In Anime

Yeah, it's another season where there's four things I'm watching.  Ugh.  I really can't handle more than three.

From this season, I'm watching Strike Witches 2, Highschool Of The Dead, and Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~.  Carrying over from previous season is K-On!!.  One of two things happens when I have four series I'm watching at a time.  Either I get overwhelmed for some reason and fall behind on all of them, or one of them gets neglected.  I've done both already.  I fell two episodes behind on the new season right away, then caught up.  I've been neglecting Sekirei the entire time.

Honestly though, there's a reason I've been neglecting Sekirei.  It's a very simple reason.  It's been two years since the first season, so I'm in my usual indecision about whether to watch it now or marathon the first season before watching it, just to remind myself of what was happening.

Anyway, about each series or something.

Strike Witches 2 picks up pretty much where the first season left off.  You see, they won that battle, but the war is still on.  For whatever reason the 501st Joint Fighter Wing got separated to go do various other things, and there's a reunion battle.  It's pretty much exactly the same as the first season in terms of content, balancing the fanservice and the story/battles.  Myself and a couple other people I know were worried about the studio change, after all, when Minami-ke changed studios it went to shit.  But this season doesn't seem like it's suffering at all from the studio change.

Highschool Of The Dead is a zombie apocalypse anime.  The main characters, as one might infer from the name, are students.  The apocalypse happens during school one day and they have to fight off zombified versions of all their classmates.  The chosen few who can actually fight eventually meet up, along with the school's nurse (I guess for fanservice value).  There's the token asshole, the good guy, the good guy's love interest, and all the typical zombie story characters, save for the black guy (lol).  I can't wait to see how the token asshole dies.

Sekirei, well, I haven't been watching, as previously mentioned.  What I do remember from the end of the first season is kind of hazy, which is why I was thinking of watching it over again.  I remember some really big shit had hit the fan, in the form of the main character's love interest becoming involved in the whole thing and thus being someone he'd have to fight against.  It's one of those "master/servant battle royale" series where the winners get a fabulous prize, but it also incorporates harem elements.  One master (the term used in the show is Ashikabi) can have more than one servant (the Sekirei).  Given this harem element, naturally, the main character gets several Sekirei of varying harem anime character archetypes.  There was a lot of fanservice, but hopefully they haven't forgotten the plot that they built up during the first season...

Finally, K-On!! is, well, K-On!!.  The continued adventures of the light music club.  Right now, they're preparing for the school festival.  Which of course involves writing songs and trying to practice.  More insert songs headed our way, hopefully within the next few episodes.

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