Sunday, April 19, 2009

Waifu challenge?

Akiyama Mio (3)
  • plays bass guitar (+1)
  • is smart (even)
  • shyness (+1)
  • doesn't want me to say I'm lazy, because I'm actually crazy (+1)
Mizuhara Koyomi (6)
  • meganekko (+2)
  • zettai ryouiki (on a regular basis!) (+1)
  • most grounded with reality of any character in Azumanga Daioh, thus easy to identify with (+1)
  • is also smart (even)
  • it's kinda cute how she keeps trying different diets to lose weight but keeps failing to keep them up (+1)
  • the maturity shown by her constant concern over her weight (+1)
Yomi's winning currently, but we're only 3 episodes into K-On!. The only logical course of action at this moment is to wait for the rest of K-On! to come out. Then marathon both and produce the complete list.

Will 2009 see a change in hands of the prestigious title of "mai waifu"? Only time will tell.

Also, preordered the limited edition version of the K-On! ED single, due out on the 22nd. As for limited edition vs. regular edition, they were the same price, so why not go limited? The last time I buyfagged anything like this was the Katamari Damacy soundtrack. It's been a while.

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