Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Globally installed Firefox extensions suck

If you install the latest Java, AVG (maybe other virus scanners too), Skype, or one of Microsoft's recent .NET updates (may even happen automatically if you have automatic updates turned on - I don't), you may have noticed extensions in your addons dialog whose uninstall buttons are disabled. For whatever reason they don't want you to uninstall these things, but they don't generally tell you what they do or why the hell you want them in the first place, and don't give you the option to not install.

So here's how to remove these things. Instructions are Windows only. Sorry 'bout that, but I don't have any globally installed un-uninstallable extensions on linux, and I don't have a mac.

Warning: These instructions involve editing the registry. The thing to note about the registry is that if you haphazardly change things you can fuck your computer up. So to obtain the desired results with no ill side-effects, follow these instructions exactly.
  1. Go to Start->Run. If you're on VistAIDS and haven't configured your start menu to show the Run... option, do so now in the Start Menu options.
  2. Type regedit and press Enter. If you're on VistAIDS, you'll probably have to answer a UAC prompt, and if you don't, turn UAC the fuck back on.
  4. Expand SOFTWARE.
  5. Expand Mozilla.
  6. Expand Firefox. (not the one that says Mozilla Firefox (or Mozilla Firefox <version number>), but the one that just says Firefox)
  7. Select Extensions.
  8. You'll see the list of globally-installed extensions in the right-hand pane. Right click on each name and select Delete. You should be left with just the (Default) REG_SZ (value not set) line.
  9. Close regedit and restart Firefox.
Once that's done, your Firefox will be free of these pests. Enjoy.

Note: If you're uncomfortable editing your registry, you can just simply disable the extensions. They won't be removed entirely, but they won't affect anything either.

On a different subject entirely, I got the K-On! ED single on Monday. Immediately ripped it to FLAC using Exact Audio Copy. Freedb actually had the tags for it, though the artist tag showed as question marks, which means EAC doesn't support Unicode (Further testing shows that the title is entered as question marks in freedb itself, meaning the program that submitted the tags didn't support Unicode, but EAC also doesn't support it, as it's in their feature wishlist). I replaced them with "Sakurakou K-On Bu", which is on the album cover. The lyric in Don't say "lazy" is actually: Please don't say "you are lazy" だって本当はcrazy (note the quotes around "you are lazy"), which makes me think the one that's actually crazy is the speaker and not the person being spoken to (so it would be "because I'm actually crazy" instead of "because you're actually crazy"). The phrase leaves it ambiguous, so it's hard to tell for sure, but I think the speaker doesn't want to be called lazy because they're actually crazy. It makes sense to me. The B-side, Sweet Bitter Beauty Song, is kinda catchy and reminds me of something I've heard before but I can't quite place it.

The limited edition's booklet isn't actually a booklet (dunno if the RE's was this way or not). Instead, it's five separate cards with a picture on one side and lyrics, credits, and the like on the other. One (that's the default album art) has Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi, and Yui on it, the other four are character-specific. I immediately swapped it around so my album art is Mio.

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