Friday, April 17, 2009

Please don't say you are lazy

datte hontou wa crazy

I mean


When does the K-On! ED single come out again? (while we're on that subject, how about the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP single as well)

In the meantime, I've begun the long and arduous process of making a custom of the tv-size version in World Tour. So far I've got the drum lead-in and the entire bass track (<3 Mio). I can only really hear the lead guitar and the keyboards in a couple places, which is kinda irritating. I'll probably have to bullshit a guitar part that combines lead, some backing rhythm, and the keyboard stuff. I guess Yui plays rhythm guitar. lol.

Getting the song's BPM was actually rather easy. The first result of my google search for "bpm calculator" was exactly what I wanted: something where I could just tap a key on my keyboard and it would display my average. I clocked it at around 180.5 BPM, which can't actually be specified in World Tour (it maxes at 160), so I charted it at 91 BPM with notes twice as often, to effectively be the same thing. It's not quite right (90 was too slow, 91 is still too slow but it fits a lot better, I suspect 92 would be too fast), but the song clocks in at 1:27 with just one part charted, so I can't be that far off.

In the charting process I realized moreso than I already have just how much the music creator sucks. It's so unintuitive. Something as simple as changing the pitch for a specific note color takes so many button presses. You have to hop out of step recording, bring up the "pause" menu, select Scale, scroll down, select the fret button, then scroll through a list of note names. Then you confirm each one as you change it, and back out and go back into step record mode. Luckily there were only three places in the song where I needed to change it up, and they were all right together.

The BPM issue could be better. Seriously, why have such a low upper limit? I would have much rather charted the song at 180 BPM.

Furthermore, you can't ever change the time signature. It's stuck at 4/4. There's a bass bit about halfway through the song that offsets the rest of the song by half a measure (well, at 91 BPM, a quarter of a measure) that if I could I would just make it a 1/4 measure so everything after it would line up properly.

It decides hammerons/pulloffs all by itself, which is nice at first but you can't manually override it. Which means every time the bass part changes pitch there's a hammeron, when in reality the only place where I would willingly chart hammerons is the aforementioned bit that I would have put in a 1/4 measure if I could have. If I could have charted it at 180 BPM, ironically, the song wouldn't have any HO/POs at all since it would be eighth notes and the automatic HO/PO timing is on an eighth triplet. I haven't experimented with nudging notes with my snap set to precise, which is 64th notes, but I don't think preventing the auto HO/PO would be as simple as adjusting the first of each color by 1/64th, and that would mess with the timing windows ever so slightly.

I've known this for a while but still hate it: You can't place star power wherever you want it. It just randomly decides (based off of time) to add a star power phrase of apparently fixed length (in notes). In the 1:27 that the song lasts, it has two phrases. I know there'll be a lot more when I get the other parts in there, but still.

Since you can't provide your own audio, there's no easy way for me to get the vocal track in there, so the song will be vocal-less.

At some point I might put up a video of it. I really just made it so I could play the bass part (which I've already FCed) but... yeah.

In other Guitar Hero news, I finished sightreading World Tour Expert Bass finally. All I have to say is: Whoever thought that Tool would be a good group to add was sorely mistaken. Their songs are too long and ramble on for-fucking-ever and don't end when they sound like they're about to. One musical idea per song plz.

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