Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chrono Trigger DS: First Round of Tabs Done

So apparently Ayla had an item equipped that was giving her +10 Magic and I didn't notice when I made the table.  Whatever.

I beat Black Omen twice, so I could charm PrismDresses off of Queen Zeal.  Not getting a third PrismDress because hopefully I'll get that Elemental Aegis for Lucca...  Anyway.  Dumped all the tabs that I had into people (intelligently, of course).  First priority was getting my Spekkio party ready to go.  Maxed speed on Crono, Robo, and Lucca, then tossed on all three Haste Helms and beat Spekkio right then and there.

I'll have Marle's speed maxed on the next playthrough.  Marle and Lucca will take nine Spekkio fights to max their power, and maxing Magic on everyone will happen whenever.  Implying that doing Spekkio runs isn't about getting Magic Tabs.

I guess I could mess around with getting tabs out of Arena of the Ages, but that's not really necessary.  I've done the multitude of Spekkio runs twice before, I can certainly do it one more time.

You know what this means, right?  It's time to take Lavos down and progress on to New Game +.

Edit: I started New Game +, and got the first two endings: the developers' ending, and the one you get for beating Lavos immediately after coming back from 600 AD.  This isn't going to be an ending-grabbing playthrough, though.  I'm just grabbing all the endings up to and including the End of Time, and then going into Spekkio runs.  That way, once I have the tabs done, I don't have to worry about those first few endings.

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