Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chrono Trigger DS: Going Through Black Omen

I know I said last time that I wouldn't swap in the table until I had progress to report, and even though I didn't say what I considered that progress to be, I originally intended that progress to be when I actually started using tabs on people.

However, I'm partway through Black Omen, at the room with the Nu shop and the fast travel out of Black Omen.  I've gotten the Haste Helm from the chest, I charmed more Gold Studs than I really need, and I've charmed every Panel I've fought thus far to grab Speed Tabs.

To be honest, I just want to get this table up, so I'm putting it up now.  It shows the number of tabs that each character still needs to max out each stat.  It doesn't take my current inventory of tabs into account.  It also ignores stat boosts from equipment, including the +1 Speed that Magus' Gloom Helm gives him despite it not being listed in the item's effects.

Side note: if the table doesn't render properly, it's because your browser sucks.  I haven't actually bothered to check compatibility on the CSS pseudo-elements I'm using to style it.  This is part of my "design stuff only for standards-compliant browsers" initiative.  That's really the only sane baseline for web design.  Browser-detection code/hacks and code to cater to those noncompliant browsers is ugly and inefficient.

Tangentially related: I fired up Chrono Trigger on my SNES and beat Lavos with just Crono, just for the hell of it.  I took the Gold Stud instead of the PrismSpecs this time.  Doing so makes it harder.  Even after the damage boost from the PrismSpecs, the fact that Luminaire is consuming 20 MP per cast instead of 5 means that you have to use recovery items that much more often.  The perfect recovery item to use is an Elixir, to top off both HP and MP.  With MP depleting faster, use of an Elixir to get MP back keeps you alive as an ancillary benefit.  However, with a Gold Stud, you now have to consider the amount of damage that each of Lavos' attacks carries, and intelligently decide when to heal (and recover MP as an ancillary benefit).  Also, without the PrismSpecs, the left bit in the third form won't die to one Confuse.  It takes two, slowing you down by a turn and giving Lavos more opportunity to throw things at you or use Time Warp.

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