Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chrono Trigger DS: 1000AD Dimensional Vortex

I feel like I summarized the Dimensional Vortex areas pretty well in my last post,  so in this one I'm just going to jump straight to explaining what you get out of this Vortex.

Did I say "jump"?  Tee hee...

So just like before, this one has a random set of areas you go through before getting to the actual area where you run around fighting things and looting chests.  The areas you can get sent to are completely different, and so happen to include both the Geno Dome conveyor belt battles, and the Black Omen room with the Aliens who cough up Magic Tabs when you charm them.  Can you say "infinite magic tabs"?  Because I can.

New items you can grab here:
  • Master's Crown - Equippable by male characters only.  Boosts damage and provides status immunity.  Same defense as the Prism Helm, so... new ultimate headgear for the guys!  It doesn't specify what the percentage is, but Crono's damage went from about 1000 to about 1200, so I'd guess somewhere in the range of 20%.  As you might expect, this will stack with the PrismSpecs.
  • Dreamreaper - New ultimate weapon for Magus.  Grants 4x damage for critical hits.
  • Spellslinger - New ultimate weapon for Lucca.  Just like with Marle's new ultimate weapon, this one has a low attack power and appears at the bottom of her weapon list.  Also, just like with Marle's new ultimate weapon, the attack power is meaningless.  However, in this case, the actual damage is determined by the last digit of Lucca's MP.
The main area here is simply referred to as "Volcano".  I guess it's to contrast with the previous Dimensional Vortex, which was the Frozen Cliffs.  Here there are fireballs to be wary of as you explore, so be careful.

There are two bosses at the end of this one.  The first is Dalton, yet again.  He's basically butthurt that you defeated him before and prevented him from becoming king.  Being a glutton for punishment, he challenges you yet again.  The post-battle speech is the first bit of this content trying to help bridge the gap between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross: Dalton says he's going to raise an army in Porre and take over the world.

The end boss is an imitation of Crono, and Crono is required for the fight.  He's immune to lightning and counters everything you do with slightly different versions of Crono's regular attacks.  If he uses magic, I never saw it.  This being an imitation of Crono, Crono is the one to receive the stat boosts.

Up next, predictably, will be the 2300 AD Dimensional Vortex, and then the new ending that supposedly helps us understand Schala's fate more.

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