Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chrono Trigger DS: Done with Geno Dome

Got everyone to level 99.  I already tweeted this screenshot, but here it is again, for posterity.

Yeah, I know.  Pointing my phone's potato camera at my 3DS' screen produces a pretty bad picture.  Whatever.  More after the break, because I don't use jump breaks enough.

Sup!  You clicked "Read More!"  You like me!

Anywho, after finishing the level grinding process, I went on and cleared Geno Dome, to get Robo's old ultimate weapon.  Turns out that the Dragon Arm from Lost Sanctum is his new best weapon, at least before you get to Dimensional Vortex and get the Apocalypse Arm.

Next up is getting all the tabs necessary to max out Power, Magic, and Speed.  I have a table for showing that progress ready to go, but the progress box over on the right will continue to show my party levels and current party until I have a status update regarding tabs, which might be a bit.  I still need to get through Black Omen and beat Lavos.  Also, I'll probably hop out of Black Omen to go fight Spekkio.  You see, Lost Sanctum gives us a Haste Helm, which means that with charming the Elder Lavos Spawn and getting the chest in Black Omen, I can get all three necessary Haste Helms in one playthrough.  I won't have people's magic maxed out, so it'll take a bit longer and require more heals from Robo, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Then there's still the issue of getting the Lumicite so Lucca can get her Elemental Aegis.  I really, really want her to be completely immune to elemental damage.

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