Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chrono Trigger DS: 2300AD Dimensional Vortex

Same thing as before.  Dimensional Vortex already sufficiently covered in a general manner, so we'll break on through to the specifics.

Ha ha.  "Break".  And I'm using a jump break.  Ooooookay.

As could be expected from the example set forth by the other two Dimensional Vortices, this one begins with a randomly chosen series of areas, also containing not one, but two brand new areas, one of which houses a secret chest, just like the new area found in the 12000BC Dimensional Vortex.

Something very important to note about one of the two new areas.  The new area titled "Curious Village" contains four kids that ask you various trivia questions about the game.  In order to progress, you need to get all four questions correct.  All the questions I've seen have been stupidly simple, but I can't rule out the possibility of some more difficult questions mixed in there.  Each kid randomly chooses a question from its own separate pool of questions.

Equipment you can get here:
  • Master's Crown - That's right, another one.  Play your cards right and you can have two of these before going into New Game +.
  • Apocalypse Arm - Robo's new ultimate weapon.  Though, just like with the Crisis Arm, you might not want to use it.  The Apocalypse Arm has zero attack power, and appears at the bottom of his weapon list.  This means that under normal circumstances, Robo will deal crap damage with it.  However, its effect makes his critical hits deal 9999 damage.  It's basically an all-or-nothing weapon, and you'd have to pair it with the Dragon's Tear from Lost Sanctum to raise Robo's critical hit rate.
  • Regal Plate - Pretty good armor for the male characters.  Same defense value as the Saurian Leathers from Lost Sanctum, but raises Stamina and Magic Defense by 10.
The main area here, the Temporal Research Lab, has a neat bit in it.  Partway through, you get locked into a room, and three of your other party members come in to help you.  Make sure you've got your inactive party members equipped properly, because you'll need to fight several battles, including a boss who counters physical attacks with MP drain.  You actually encounter more of this enemy later on, so remember to use techs on it to avoid its MP drain counter.  Physical techs don't trigger the counter.

The boss this time is Lucca, so of course Lucca is forced into the party for the fight, and she's the one who gets the stat boosts.  She's accompanied by another... thing called an "Eggsterminator".  I recommend taking this thing down first, since after a bit it starts healing both itself and its version of Lucca for 1000 on a fairly regular basis.  Lucca is immune to fire, and the Eggsterminator is immune to lightning.  If you use what they're immune to on them, they'll counter with MP drain.  They also counter physical attacks, including physical techs, with MP drain.  You can either break out the lower-power single-target techs, or suck it up and go all-out physical damage on the Eggsterminator until it dies, like I did.

After I do a "quick" run through Lost Sanctum to grab more copies of the equipment from it, I'll fight the new end boss and get that new ending, and there'll be a spoiler-rich post about it.

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