Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Link's Awakening DX

So now I'm up to the sixth dungeon.  I have in my posession almost all the awesome stuff: The Master Sword, the Hookshot, and the Boomerang.  Also got the bow and arrow (paid the 980 rupees at the shop rather than stealing it), and upgraded my bomb capacity to 60.  Magic Powder capacity got upgraded from 20 to 40 a long time ago, and the bow and arrow capacity can't be upgraded just yet.

One thing I find kind of annoying is all the item juggling that you need to do.  Some things, like the power bracelet, should really just be a persistent upgrade, in that once you get it, it's always equipped and you don't have to constantly switch back to it whenever you need to do some heavy lifting.  The flippers are a persistent upgrade, thankfully...

Still, the game is quite good.  Especially the music.  Even with the Game Boy's limited sound capabilities, the music sounds amazing.  I kind of wish I could turn off the sound effects so that they wouldn't override parts of the music.

By the way, this is by no means a no-death run, nor am I really going for 100% completion.  I want all the heart containers, and in the process of completing the game I'm getting all the equipment, but... the photos, which were an addition in the DX version just like the Color Dungeon?  Fuck the photos.  I've gotten a few of them, but I don't really care.

My preferred setup tends to be Master Sword on A and Hookshot on B.  The Master Sword is quite powerful, especially when you're at full health and it shoots its beam.  The Hookshot is just awesome because I can stab people from across the screen with it.  I bring in the Boomerang every now and then (mostly if I need to throw it on a diagonal, which is something the Hookshot can't do), but its limited range keeps it as a "just when I need it" item.

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