Friday, April 12, 2013

Rogue Galaxy Post-Game Session 12

Started Insectron Rank C, and noticed that the curve for experience gains really starts to mount right after level 3.  I had to face several level 4 insectors, which I had some trouble hitting.  In the 5th round I also lost a Dark Emperor, but won with no other issues.

This indicates two things to me: that my "keep everyone in a line and advance it every turn" strategy for steamrolling Insectron only goes so far; and that I need to use Insectron Rank B to level up, forfeiting the 5th round so I can restart from the beginning.  It's only going to get harder from here, and I need my Dark Emperors to have relevant stats.

As it turns out, there is a "forfeit" option, but it's pretty well hidden.  You forfeit by selecting an empty space on your turn and selecting "Give Up" out of the menu.

I used Rank A for more levelling up, until I got them to ACE, then I beat it.  Between Rank A and Rank S I did a lot of stat maxing with food, probably too much to be honest.  I should have ground stats on the first four Rank S battles for a while, I'd have had less to feed them and would have ended up with max health on all of them.  Instead, I got max strength, defense, and resists on all of them, and varying degrees of high health for all.

Anyway, with my insectors no longer able to gain stat boosts, I stomped Rank S.  But I wasn't there just to beat it once.  Beating it a second time unlocks a costume for Lilika.  So I ran right back in, only to suffer a stupid loss on the fourth battle.  Basically, I got cocky and moved my king to the edge of the board, and the stupid idol girl sent her Dark Emperor in to use its attack with its inherent "flip backwards" property on poor PALPATINE, which of course 100 throw resist couldn't defend against and he got flipped out of the arena.

Second time through I didn't make that blunder.  I stomped all the way to the 5th round, against Dr. Pocacchio.  The thing that makes him difficult is that he has an insector you can't get anywhere in the game.  Just like the Dark Emperor it can use its special attack infinitely, and its special attack is much better, as it deals hefty damage to everything around it, and applies stun.  I ended up chasing it around the board with one of my two remaining Dark Emperors while my king was stunned, and eventually killed it.  Tough, but not the impossible insector most of the internet makes it out to be.

With that, I equipped the costume on Lilika and went to Galaxy Corporation to claim my reward for completing Insectron, which of course was sole remaining costume for Jupis.

Everything is now 100% complete, and I have all the costumes.  Rogue Galaxy officially done.

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