Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cheapest Boss Battle Ever

I'm basically done with the 7th dungeon in Link's Awakening.  All except for its boss.  He has an attack pattern that's easily handled for a while, until he decides to flap his wings to create wind and blow you clear off the top of the tower you're fighting him on, which of course resets the battle.  I've tried using the Pegasus Boots, they aren't helping.

The worst part is, when he comes in to do it, you can't distinguish the wind attack from his dive-bomb attack until it starts up.  Sometimes I've tried to anticipate it and ended up dashing off of the tower under my own power.

Regardless, I have the Mirror Shield now, so I think before I go back to that battle I'm going to slightly sequence break.  Go into the 8th dungeon, and grab the last Piece of Heart, which will complete my 12th heart container (of 14 total), and the Magic Rod.  With the Magic Rod I can get the 60 arrows upgrade for the bow/arrows.  Then everything will be fully upgraded and I'll just be missing the heart containers from the 7th and 8th dungeons.

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