Friday, March 9, 2012

That was derpishly easy

After all the trouble I went through trying to figure out how to defeat Cthulhu at the end of Magicka: The Stars Are Left, and even went back and got the achievement for beating the chapter without dying, I found a YouTube video of someone using a single Magick to defeat him in under a minute.  At first I was like "O RLY?" But then I was like "derp".

I tried it, and indeed it works.

The magick in question is Propp's Party Plasma.  The key to spamming it and killing Cthulhu is that it seems to interrupt Cthulhu's attack pattern.  So basically you can stand in the tentacles' blind spot and spam it (FFQS spacebar over and over), and he'll just die.  He won't even summon the winged demon at 33% health.

Since so many people miss this Magick when playing through The Stars Are Left, here's how to get it.

In Chapter 2, you'll come to the village where Gram's Workshop is.  There's a guy standing by the fire.  Talk to him repeatedly.  Eventually he'll say something to the effect of "I'll give you a tome for free".  Stop talking to him at this point and head over to the shop at the far right.  Talk to the shopkeep and you'll get it.  If you keep talking to the guy at the fire for too long, he will rescind his offer.

I knew that pretty much every fight in Magicka has a method of making it derpishly easy, but this is just ridiculous.  I'd have to rate the next most derpishly easy fight as Khan, who can be defeated with this simple sequence: spray him with water (Q staff cast), spray him with frost (E staff cast), and then steam lightning beam (QFQFASA staff cast).

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