Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm tired of this

Harem anime almost always have some element of "main character does something that gets misunderstood, female cast member punches him", but some shows just take that too far.

Furthermore, when there's some sort of secret that needs to be kept, the worst possible thing to do is to introduce a "referee" character who constantly keeps tabs on how well the secret is being kept secret and threatens something horrible if it gets out.  It removes all sense of fun from the story and only results in that one character being annoying.

What series am I talking about that has both of these elements?  Seto no Hanayome.  I'm watching it because CAINE is showing it this semester.  We're currently 17 episodes in.  It seems like it's a pretty funny show, but these two elements detract from it and make the viewing experience less than pleasurable.  Let's run down the list of characters whose names I remember or whose roles I can uniquely identify even while not being able to remember their names.
  • Mawari - aspiring cop, but just annoying.  Provides some of the funny "we're yakuza, she's with the police, but we're in an informal semi-friendly relationship" element.  However, "Do I need to teach you the rules of society?" repeated several times an episode just makes me feel like I'm listening to a broken record.  Does she have any sort of dynamic personality, will her character ever be developed, or does it just stay static, boring, and annoying?  "Do I need to teach you the rules of society?" could be extremely sexy if implemented right, such that some characters in the show and some viewers of the show would respond "I'd let you teach me the rules of society...".  Too bad this isn't the case.
  • Saru - Just annoying.  He's supposed to be "the funny pervert", but he's too ready to shift a misunderstanding onto the main character.
  • Runa/Lunar/however you want to romanize her name - seriously bitch get off your fucking high horse.
  • The "referee" girl - At first I thought she was pretty cool, because I tend to like sword-wielding female characters.  But then she revealed her role as referee and immediately went into the routine of annoyance.
  • San's dad - I can understand a father not wanting his daughter to grow up, and I can understand him being a bit aggressive with the main character given that he's a yakuza boss, but still... every goddamn episode he goes batshit crazy because of one tiny thing that gets overblown.
  • Maki - always trying to kill the main character, with or without a reason.  Annoying dual personality.
  • Main character's parents - I feel like I've used the word "annoying" a bit much in this post, but... their inability to stand up for their son is very annoying.  They just agree with every single insult flung his way like it's nothing.
That's all I can really remember.  I was assured that the show abandons the first element of people always beating up on the main character, but I haven't seen that happen yet.  I've already rated it a 2 on MAL, and I hardly ever rate a series before I finish watching it.  This is the series that got chosen for a full slot over Azumanga Daioh?  Give me a fucking break.  This is shit in comparison.

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