Thursday, October 27, 2011

And Yet It Moves

For whatever reason, this post sat here as a draft for a while.  Enjoy.

This is the first game I got from the Humble Indie Bundle 3 that I've beaten.

And Yet It Moves is a puzzle platformer.  You need to find the level exit, and in doing so, you need to traverse all kinds of terrain and hazards.  To aid you, you can rotate the level.  All of the levels require extensive use of the rotation ability.

The graphics themselves have torn paper edges, and the main character appears to be made out of paper.  This is made clear in one of the levels where there's lots of fire, where getting hit by the fire makes you burn up.

As you progress through the game, the puzzles get harder and harder.  Towards the end, levels were taking upwards of half an hour or more for me to get through.  The game itself is actually pretty short, I beat it in a single sitting.  The credits are presented in the form of a level, and getting to the end of them unlocks an optional level (and an achievement).  Finishing this optional level without dying unlocks another achievement.

Some of the achievements are pretty crazy, like the one that requires you to fall through an entire level, never landing, and die from fall damage at the very end.  There's another that's similar that I actually was able to unlock, where you simply have to navigate the level using only the level rotation buttons, and can land as much as you want.

Overall I'd have to say it was pretty fun, but short.  I might go back and achievement whore a bit, but overall it doesn't really have a lot of replay value.  And no, I don't consider achievements to add anything to replay value.

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