Monday, October 10, 2011

Flash games!

It's been quite a while since my last post on the subject, and the internet being what it is, naturally, there's more flash games to be had.

This is the Only Level 2 - You've gotten through level 1, and now you're on to level 2.  Can you beat the level?

Achievement Unlocked 2 - The original had 99 achievements.  This one has 250.  That are also Newgrounds medals.  And when you unlock them all (which is necessary to beat the game), they make a picture.  What is the picture exactly?  You'll have to find out for yourself.  This game features not just one, not just two, but five main areas to move around in while getting achievements.  Plus, a hidden Hot Coffee mode!

Upgrade Complete 2 - More upgrading action!  Lots more upgrades, more ship parts, and you can still outfit your ship exactly the way you want!  As usual, you have to buy upgrades to get started.  The grid system on the ship eliminates my gripe about the first game, where ship parts would move when I clicked on them with the intent of upgrading them.  They stay locked into the grid now and won't move unless you drag them elsewhere.  Also, just like with Achievement Unlocked 2, the Newgrounds medals form a picture when completely unlocked.  Also, this time there's a final boss that appears once all the upgrades from the upgrade menu are purchased, instead of just endless waves of regular enemies.  Better all around than the original, or should I say... an upgrade of the original?  Only complaint is that the character avatars get colored weirdly at the high levels.

Elephant Quest - From the same guy that's responsible for the This is the Only Level and Achievement Unlocked games.  You're a blue elephant (surprise, surprise), whose hat was stolen one day by a wooly mammoth.  You really like your hat, so you set out on a quest to gain the power necessary to defeat Wooly and get your hat back.  There's side quests too.  When you level up you get credits to spend on stat boosts in a grid similar to the sphere grid system in Final Fantasy 10.  Except that here it takes a lot less time to progress through the entire thing.

RPG Shooter: Starwish - A decent story combined with side scrolling shooting action and a level up system that lets you power up your ship so you can kill stuff more better.  Plus, New Game Plus, so you can keep upgrading and become even more broken, and multiple endings!

Well, I only have five this time around, but... Quality over quantity?  I dunno.

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