Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Weird Dream

It began with a news report of an island where a rare species of bird was rumored to live.  This bird was special because it was immune to bone cancer.  Naturally, science wanted to study it to see if its immunity could somehow be harnessed for humans.  The news report had one of those typical shitty CG flyovers of a 3D model of the island.  Since it was so shitty, the camera clipped the terrain a few times, and inside it looked blocky like Minecraft, even though the outside wasn't blocky.

Then suddenly, I was there.  I had a companion.  He had just gotten run out of the area of the bird's nest by the mother bird itself, and was trying to devise a tactic to sneak back in there.  Somehow it involved face paint, and me.  I painted my face green and went in.

Then suddenly shifting locations as my dreams often do, I was back at home, looking for something to help me remove the face paint.  I discovered that if I placed my hand on the dresser in my parents' room that I could lift my legs into the air and just hover.  After a while I started chancing the timing, pushing myself upwards, then clapping, then getting my hand back on the dresser to catch myself.

Shifting locations once again, I was now in an auditorium.  It was either a convention or a talent show, or the combination of both.  Up next was a two man metal band.  For some reason the guitarist had a really, really long audio cable that he plugged into his guitar, and for some reason plugged the other end into a keyboard that was offstage.  The other member was a drummer, who only had a snare drum.  The music they played was hardly metal.  For some reason I ended up on stage, but I felt really weird since I didn't belong up there, so I went back to the seating area.

This is when I met up with @akibastranger, who was just about to sit down and was wearing a white bathrobe.  We talked about stuff for a bit, notably who we were there to see.  Apparently I was there to see the Angry Video Game Nerd.  Then a friend of ours came up and sat down in the row in front of us and started talking to us.  I got a high five about something.  She asked me if I'd cut my hair recently, which I haven't.  Then she asked about the face paint and said "there's probably a story, I won't ask", but I began to tell her anyway.  "I woke up with this in my pocket", I said, pulling out a folded up piece of graphing paper that had a bunch of equations on it.  @akibastranger immediately recognized it and pulled a similar piece of paper out of his pocket (bathrobes with pockets?).

I then got a text message.  Opened up my phone and discovered that it was a blank text message, apparently from someone who had spam IMed me the day before and had somehow gotten my phone number.  Then in the process of trying to back out of that, I discovered my phone was in some weird mode that I didn't even know existed.

That's where I woke up.

And now, let The Day of Racing 2011 begin!

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