Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birch House Update

This time I remembered to turn smooth lighting on before taking screenshots.

More screenshots after the break.

I've worked on it a bit more.  Added lighting to the front deck so that nighttime cookouts will have plenty of light.

While I don't have a good design for the bathrooms in mind yet, I went ahead and added privacy windows.  This way, you can still see the outside world while at the same time preventing embarrassing moments and frivolous indecent exposure charges. (link possibly NSFW)

Inspiration came alive for the entry level, and I built a kitchen, complete with fridge, stove, and plenty of counter space.  It does lack a sink, but I haven't quite figured out how to get a sink in one block of space.  I plan to add windows in here, but for whatever reason I haven't yet.  That mass of iron blocks with wooden doors is supposed to be a refrigerator.  It doesn't quite look right, but iron doors require power to be opened and double doors behave in a counter-intuitive manner...

After I finished the kitchen, I started work on the dining room.  But the first thing that came to mind was "fuck yeah, let's build a bar!".  So I built a bar.  The entrance to the back side of the bar is through the kitchen.

Vacationers can't be reasonably expected to have cookouts every single night of their vacation, so I built a table with a small chandelier for lighting.  Minecraft needs a way to place wooden steps on a wooden slab to make better chairs.  Either that or a way to place wooden slabs in the top half of a block.  Either would work.

I had planned to build an entertainment center, so I went ahead and did that.  What I ended up with is completely awesome.  Balanced lighting at all times of the day (i.e. no windows), a giant screen, and a state of the art 8.1 channel surround sound system.  The rear channel isn't visible because it's on the back wall.  I cheated note blocks for the speakers, but the middle of the subwoofer is actually a jukebox.  In before Minecraft rains on my parade by not letting jukeboxes with a block on top accept the music disks.  The random glowstone block in the ceiling was how I decided to resolve the mid-room lighting issue.  It would look a lot better embedded in the ceiling, yes, but I only made the floors one block thick and don't want glowstone in the floor above.

Finally, the one completely unfinished floor in the place: the basement.  I know of a couple more rooms I need, so I'll probably place those down here, but who knows what I'll do with the rest of the space.  I probably should put windows down here to help with lighting during the day as well.  Which will be tricky, considering that the back and side walls can't be guaranteed to be unobstructed by terrain, and in fact, I expect them to be at least partially obstructed when I place this in the server world.

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