Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birch House: Inspiration Slowing Down

I built the two rooms I knew the house still needed, and now I'm left with a large, empty space in the basement that I filled with torches so Minecraft would stop making the creepy "unlit area nearby" noises.

The first of the two rooms I built was a laundry room with two washers and two dryers.  The washers and dryers are both the same essentially, except that the washers have water in them.  lol.

And finally, I built what I originally intended on being a "rec room", but it ended up just being a room with a makeshift pool table constructed out of cloth and signs.

So... now what?  I figure the floor needs a bathroom since there's a pool table.  The pool table is actually a bit close to the laundry room for my own liking, so I might end up moving the whole thing.  If I don't get any inspiration for anything else, I'll just fill the rest of the basement with bedrooms and extend the sleeping capacity beyond the current 13.  I really don't know what to fill the remaining space with.  The pool table does need some semblance of a bar nearby, but that's really simple and can be in the same room.

The rest of the stuff I have left to do is going around plopping beds down everywhere, and placing decorative items which will be incredibly texture pack-dependent.  The "home improvement" paintings from the Painterly Pack offer a range of nice things from liquor cabinets to drawers and even a grandfather clock, with extra paintings for the sides of it.  I do plan on using those at some point, but for now I've left them out.

Also, the bathrooms present another problem entirely.  How does one construct a decent looking bathroom in Minecraft?  As much as Notch wants all blocks to be 1 meter cubes, they're really, really not.  The scale is all messed up in Minecraft.  We really need a whole range of new blocks to facilitate making bathrooms.  End of story.

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